Move GB

Liberating workout boredom


Move GB is a new kind of exercise membership that allows people to do any activity they want at any time they want. Whether it be swimming, climbing, yoga or just about anything else, it’s all available through one membership on a single digital platform. 



The exercise category is expensive. Most people end up paying one membership to do the same thing week in week out which leads to work-out boredom. But there’s so much out there to try, and adding more variety into your exercise routine keeps you happier and more likely to stay active.


We wanted to show that the Move GB experience was one defined by freedom and enjoyment all under the idea of Do Your Thing.

Unmissable posters showcased the feeling of freedom you get with a Move GB membership. Social content brought to life the most unique activities Move GB offered to show people what they could be doing.

The brand has since successfully launched in Manchester and Sheffield.